The PDF API is an easy way to create PDF documents from HTML.

We support two sources, either a URL or a string of HTML code.

A PDF document is created from an HTML page and sent back to you. The PDF is not stored or cached in our system.

It is located in the Salesfly.Api namespace in the class PDF.

Create PDF

public static async Task<byte[]> CreateAsync(PDFOptions options)

This endpoint converts HTML to PDF.


Attribute Type Description Required
options PDFOptions PDF document creation options Yes


This call returns an array of bytes containing the PDF document, and throws an APIException otherwise.


using System;
using System.IO;
using Salesfly;
using Salesfly.Api;
using Salesfly.Exceptions;

class Program
    static async Task Main(string[] args)
        var apiKey = Environment.GetEnvironmentVariable("SALESFLY_APIKEY");
            var options = new PDFOptions
                DocumentURL = "https://example.com/invoice.html"
            var buf = await Api.PDF.CreateAsync(options);
            File.WriteAllBytes("document.pdf", buf);
        } catch (ResponseException e) {
            Console.WriteLine("Failed to get location");